Mahogany Power Boat Yacht Wheel -- 21" diam.

Mahogany Power Boat Yacht Wheel -- 21" diam.
Product Code: 23023
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Product Description

A vintage mahogany 6 spoke power boat/yacht wheel with inlaid triple dot patterns and matching string inlay on the front. The wheel hub was altered years ago with the addition of a chrome-plated hub plate with spindle hole and acorn nut on the front side and retaining the original brass hub on the back. King spoke handle. One handle was broken and repaired.  Wheel measures 21 1/2 inches from  handle tip to tip. Retains a nice, worn varnished finish. Added picture hook on back for easy hanging!  A wonderful piece of wall art nautical decor. Weighs 5 pounds.