Map Pedometer or Universal Measure By the Inventor J.J. Dallaway, London

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Extremely rare map pedometer (universal measurer) by the inventor, J. J. Dallaway, London, circa 1802. This instrument is in it's original felt-lined cardboard case with a sheet of scale of reference to the annex'd table for use on any scale of map. Printed on the top of the sheet: "The map pedometer, or universal measurer, invented by J. J. Dallaway, mathematical instrument-maker, no.4, George-Lane, behind the Monument, London; to measure distances on maps, plans, &. applicable to any Scale, by Reference to the annex'd Table." The sheet was originally folded and fit inside one of the two  box wells with the instrument in the other. This brass instrument measures 3 1/2 inches in length with silvered dial and delicately turned wood handle. 

The address, No. 4 George Lane printed on the instructions, dates the inventors at this address (London Directories) in 1802 and at a different address in 1805.