Meet Jack


Jack is an important member of the staff at Skipjack Nautical Wares. He is in charge of meeting, greeting and customer relations, and he also heads up our Pet Department.

Jack is about 12 years old or so and several breeders who have visited the showroom tell us he is an Australian Shepherd. Alison will vouch for that as he herds her out the door when he's ready to get going!

We met Jack 8 years ago...he was dodging traffic here in Olde Towne Portsmouth. It was obvious from his condition he had been living on the streets for some time. Although he was wearing a collar, he wasn't chipped and "Found" posters and internet listings did not uncover his previous family. After 10 days at the Portsmouth Humane Society looking for his prior owners, Jack came home to us. Weeks of visits to the vet cured the heartworm, kennel cough, parasites and all. Jack currently has three cat "brothers", Ben and Thai, and the kitten Liam (his canine adopted brother Chance went to doggie heaven in 2014 at age 16).

Jack has been working at Skipjack for the last several years, driving or walking with us to work. His laid back temperament makes him a great ambassador for the store. Jack is often at his post near the front door waiting to greet customers as they arrive (when he is not napping behind the counter). He has never been aggressive to people or other animals. And don't worry, he takes his job (pretty) seriously and will not run out the door.

Very important: Jack is afraid of cameras (and camera phones too, he's no dummy), so please do not take his picture or use your camera around Jack. (He's afraid of the flash potential.) Most of the pictures we have of Jack were taken at a great distance or when he was distracted. He is also watching his figure, so please ask before offering him a treat.

Sometimes Jack will get dressed for a special occasion: