Pair of Antique Cast Brass Fisherman Style Anchor Andirons- Nautical Fireplace Toolss

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Product Description

Pair of antique sand-casted brass anchor fireplace andirons. The anchors differ slightly due to casting imperfections during the sand casting process. These nautical fisherman style anchor andirons stand 16 inches tall and11 1/2 inches wide. 

The original shanks were gone, so we had short black-painted iron shanks custom made as replacements. They measure 7 inches deep from front of andiron to back of shank. (designed to stand in front of a fire gate or in a shallow firebox). Beautiful early nautical andirons that will certainly adorn your fireplace! 

(Identical, mid 20th century brass anchor andirons similar to these are offered 
for sale on 1stDibs from $1675.00 to $3600.00!)