Perko Port and Starboard Navigational Lights

Perko Port and Starboard Navigational Lights
Product Code: NAGA01
Shipping Weight: 6.50 lbs

Product Description

Pair of galvanized metal side lanterns made by Perko-Perkins Marine Lamp and Hardware Corp., Brooklyn, NY. USA. as embossed on the manufacturers tag on back of each light. Black-painted housing with brass door frame and chimney cap. Lanterns stands 12 inches tall exclusive of the bail handle and 7 inches across the flat back sides.

CONDITION: The starboard lantern Fresnel lens has rim chips in the bottom right corner. Both of the wire slide latches are replacements, the wire lens guards and the interior burners are missing. Still, a very nice pair of marine running lights that can be easily electrified for home and yacht use.