Sailors Art Diorama Full Rigged Ship 'EMMA'

Sailors Art Diorama Full Rigged Ship 'EMMA'
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(Circa 1870) An American full-rigged square-rigger'EMMA' waterline model sailing in painted putty seas. The ship's name is depicted on both the ship's bow and again on a banner flying on top of the main mast. The "EMMA'also flies an American flag (appears to be the 17 star Betsy Ross) from the spanker gaff. A navy blue flag with the capital letter "R" flies from the fore mast truck.  Housed in a wooden box with blue painted skies, molded foliate on wood frame and retaining a wonderful aged patina.
Dimensions 21 ½ inches x 17 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches deep.

We removed the glass in frame to lightly clean away over 150 years of interior dust.
19th Century Schooner Diorama

19th Century Schooner Diorama

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