Scuttle Butt Yacht Steering Station with Antique Teak Wheel -- 20.5" diam.

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Product Description

Vintage brass helm pedestal with antique boat wheel. The pedestal with moving indicator arrow in center of cap that shows varying rudder degrees of tack to port and starboard. Engraved "SCUTTLE BUTT ENT. CO. LTD." on top. Tapering pedestal from top to bottom and round base with four mounting holes. Authentic, early 20th century teak 20 1/2 inch six-spoke wooden wheel with kingpin handle and brass center hub. The removable antique wheel is quite seaworn and has multiple shrinkage cracks. Stands 22 1/2 inches tall to top of wheel.  Weighs 15 pounds.
Nice maritime display item for your nautical room and coastal home!