Seahorse 'Not Under Command' Ship's Light

Seahorse 'Not Under Command' Ship's Light
Product Code: 22144
Shipping Weight: 22.00 lbs

Product Description

Early 20th century Copper "NOT UNDER COMMAND" ship's marine Lantern manufactured in Great Britain by 'SEAHORSE'. Makers tag states: "SEAHORSE, GB with embossed seahorse in the center, TRADE MARK, and #22971. Features a thick, clear glass Fresnel lens, brass 6 protective bars, hinged top for access to the light interior with front screw to fasten down the lid. Now electrified with interior bulb light. Stands 20 inches tall and 9 1/2 inches in diameter. Weighs 17 1/2 pounds!

CONDITION: This early ship's light survives retaining a wonderful original patinaed surface. Some of the protective bars with replaced bolts and nuts. Some surface dents and surface wear. The top chimney cap with replaced brass top bolt. Missing lower swing handle. A few minor glass chips from years of seagoing use. 

HISTORY: Bocock and Wilkinson, George Bocock & Co Ltd. Tradename:'SEAHORSE'.
Bocock and Wilkinson was founded in 1890 in Birmingham, England and was located at '123 GT. Hampton Street' and they started manufacturing ship lights in 1900. In 1909 they moved to Mott street, and later the company's name changed to Bocock & son, probably due to Wilkinson leaving the company. Around the 1930s, the name changed again to George Bocock And Co Ltd. They are especially known via their trademark, 'SEAHORSE'.