Your personal account and credit card information is being encrypted on this site. An encrypted item is scrambled so that no one between your computer and Skipjack Nautical Wares can read the message or the information you entered.

The reason the padlock icon provided on your browser may not appear locked (symbolizing an encrypted session) is because this site may use multiple frames to display information on your computer. The graphical header and navigation bar across the top of your screen is one frame. The selections that appear on the left are another frame. The main portion of the site appears in the remaining frame. Frames that display general information about the site, such as the navigation bar across the top of your screen, are not encrypted. However, any screen that displays or requests information about your account, user name, passcode, payment and other sensitive information is encrypted.

To confirm that your information is encrypted perform the following three steps:

1. Place your cursor on an area of screen where confidential information is being displayed.

(a). With an Internet Explorer browser, right-click, select 'Properties.'
(b). With a Netscape browser, right-click, select 'View Frame Info' or select 'View' | 'Page Frame Info' from the browser menu bar.
(c). For Macintosh users, Ctrl-click, select 'New Window with this Frame' OR select 'View' | 'Page Info' from the browser menu bar.

3. Check the Web address that you have accessed. If you are in a secure area, the address will appear as https://www. Notice the "s" in the address. This means that you have accessed a secure server.