Seth Thomas U. S. Coast Guard Pilot House Clock, c. 1920

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Fine early vintage Seth Thomas Pilot House Clock in good running order. This clock has the highest grade marine movement made by Seth Thomas to compete with a similar movement made by the Chelsea Clock Company. Both of these movements were made from 1905 to the mid 1920s. The Coast Guard was formed in 1915 when the US Life Saving Service and the Revenue Cutter Service combined, this clock dates from the late teens to the early 20s, circa 1915-1925. The case and dial exhibit a fine original aged finish from years of use at sea. Screw bezel bronze case. Written faintly on the back “MESS DECK". U. S. Coast Guard clocks of this early vintage are very rare and sought after by knowledgeable collectors.

Like all of our vintage and antique clocks, comes with a one year guarantee! Complete with the original winding key and mounted on to a mahogany wall bracket.