Seth Thomas US_Navy WWII Boat Clock

Seth Thomas US_Navy WWII Boat Clock
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A rare, early 20th century, eight day, time only, U.S. Navy brass Boat Clock with a 3-inch black painted face that was made by Seth Thomas. It is engraved with the Naval Observatory cartouche directly below the winding arbor, the NO number, 2124 and "U.S. NAVY BOAT CLOCK." at the bottom of the clock face is marked "MADE BY SETH THOMAS IN U.S.A." It has a 3 ½ inch, flat black dial with silver screened Arabic numerals and Arial fonts and seconds hand movement located above the winding arbor. Fast/slow adjustment is located at the very top of the clock face. The spade hands are painted white with the points painted with old radium coating. The circular dots beside the numbers have radium for night use, but that has since become inactive. The face is in near perfect condition. The forged brass case is dull from earlier cleaning and polishing. Three mounting holes on the outer flange of the clock casing. The clock is in good working order and keeps perfect time. Forged brass case with screw on bezel. Comes with winding key. Clock case measures 4 3/4 inches X 2 inches. Engraved number 1810 on the back of the clock. It is free of pits and only has minor surface wear.