Small Venier Marking Protractor With Fitted Case, Barrow, London

Small Venier Marking Protractor With Fitted Case, Barrow, London
Product Code: EDGR237
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Small precision vernier marking protractor, Barrow, London. signed "BARROW, LONDON." This small semi-circular brass protractor measures 3 1/4 inch in diameter. The folding marking arm which carries a pin prick for marking the chart extends 3 inches from the center of the protractor. The scale is inlaid silver as is the small venier reading to 5 minutes of arc. In excellent condition with original lacquer on the brass (a few small smudges from wear). The fitted leather case (leather over wood) is felt lined on one side and silk on the other, is also in excellent condition. Was purchased in Edinburgh, Scotland.

*The Greenwich Museum has a several compasses signed "BARROW" which they date circa 1840-50. Most likely Henry Barrow, 1824-1826 - Traded at 18 Crown Court, Soho, London, England. 1830-1839 - Mathematical Instrument Maker to Surveyor General of India. 1842-1845 - partnership of Robinson & Barrow. 1849-1851 - traded as Barrow & Owen. 1850-1864 - traded at 26 Oxenden St., Haymarket, London, England.

From the Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection