Spectacular Battleship Size 48-Star American Flag (WW2 era)

Spectacular Battleship Size 48-Star American Flag (WW2 era)
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Massive 48-Star US national ensign flag, measuring 20' x 38' in overall size. This flag was recently purchased and removed from a residence in Norfolk, VA. and according to the preious owner, this amazing 48-Star US ensign was once flown above a battleship during WWII, and recovered from the Navy docks in Norfolk decades ago, as it was deaccessioned. The size and location of this flag suggests that the accounting should be correct and it could have only been flown on the most massive of ships, such as a Battleship. The flag makers label states "HIGH GRADE, REG. U.S. PAT. OFF., BUNTING, -ALL WOOL-, THE BEST SINCE 1847'. This is the label from the Annin & Co., High Grade sewed bunting, all wool flags. This flag was considered flag size number 1- hoist length: 20 feet and fly length- 38 feet from standardized sizes by executive order from the president in 1912. Annin named the flag "ABRUS" and is the largest flag listed on their 1924 price and specification sheet (see below).

CONDITION: The rips and tears are typical of the damage inflicted on a ships flag due to weather and/or battle conditions and is sold "as is" as such.

The National ensign consists of a blue canton with one star for each state, and field with 13 alternating red and white stripes to denote the first states of the nation. The President standardized the sizes by executive order in 1912. There were 12 offical flag sizes ranging from 20' X 38' to the smallest measuring 1.31' X 4.50'