Stern Light, Overtaking, Painted Tin Lantern

Stern Light, Overtaking, Painted Tin Lantern
Product Code: 13018
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Product Description


WWII era tin stern lights retaining an old red enamel painted surface. The embossed brass label on the front of the chimney states "OVERTAKING Patt. 4895 and etched on to the sides of the clear glass convexed lens C.B. 1943 and A.P. 4898. Maker unknown. Hinged back door with finger slide latch. 2 sets of brass eyelets are mounted onto the lamp sides for hard mounting to the vessel. Swing handle. Measures 8 inches tall exclusive of swing handle. Very attractive small scaled lanterns that could be used for numerous applications and as a candle-lit fixture as well.

CONDITION: This lantern retains most of it's old red painted surface, but has a few rusted spots on the back door and screw holes on the back, apparently for bulkhead mounting. Clear bulbous lens are free of cracks, but does have a little paint oeverspray along edges. The burners are missing- these lanterns were last used with a small electrical lights.