Three Masted Tall Ship-in-a-bottle Diorama Flying a Norwegian Flag

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Product Description

Sailor made, ship-in-a-bottle diorama with a three-masted tall ship flying a Norwegian flag at anchor in a harbor with multiple buildings on a rocky coast including a church in the background. One lighthouse is located on a rocky shoal with lighthouse keepers cottage and a second lighthouse located on the opposite end of the land. The bottle is corked with a pewter pouring spout with a floating ball in a wire cage stopper that is marked "J.D. WILLIAMS PAT. FEB.0, 1858." The diorama is built in a liquor bottle, stamped AC351, SCOTLAND. It appears that the neck of the bottle was cut off, probably to make this unique stopper to fit it. Measures 11 ½ inches in length including stopper. A wonderful sailor-made item that survives in excellent condition.