U.S. Navy Boat Service Compass Binnacle Made by F.B. Harriman, Chicago

U.S. Navy Boat Service Compass Binnacle Made by F.B. Harriman, Chicago
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Authentic U.S. Navy boat compass mounted by a brass gimbal ring into a black-painted copper brass bound case with sloping glazed aperture with glass window. Flat brass bezel with six holding screws is engraved 'F.B. HARRIMAN, #1113, CHICAGO, U.S.A.'. The center of the compass is printed in black 'U.S. NAVY BOAT SERVICE, #1113, DEC. 1918' (one month after the end of WWI) and the inner bottom of the compass directional is printed 'HARRIMAN, CHICAGO, U.S.A.'. The magnetic compass is viewed through a four inch round glass and is housed in a heavy bronze bowl, surviving in excellent condition and in good working order. Side opening compartment with hinged door holds a removable brass wick light, with a small match cavity below and smoke chimney above. A removable screw cap opens to the interior light compartment for an electrical light.(not available). The binnacle housing has a heavy brass wire swivel handle for carrying on top. White painted interior walls. Mounting bracket on back. Retains most of the original gloss paint with worn edges displaying copper construction. A rectangular makers tag was once displayed in lower front, but was at some point removed.
Measures 9 inches wide, 8 1/2 inches deep (including bracket) and 9 3/4 inches tall.  Weighs approx. 11 pounds.