Vintage Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock, c. 1965

Vintage Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock, c. 1965
Product Code: JOHSH02
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs

Product Description


A 4 1/2-inch brass Chelsea ship's bell clock with a custom made bronze base, Serial number XXXXXX year dates between 1965-1969. This distinctive, handcrafted timepiece rings with gentle, rich-sounding chimes eight bells at 4, 8 and 12 o'clock to mark the end of a mariner's four-hour watch, with one bell the first half-hour after, plus one additional bell with each subsequent half-hour. Fast/Slow adjustment is located just below the "10" and is signed Chelsea Ship's Bell between the two winding arbors. The solid brass case is of the classic ship's type with flared hinged bezel opens for access to wind and set. The bronze base was designed after Chelsea clocks of the early 20th century and the clock rests snug (without screws) on top. This way you can use the clock aboard your yacht during boating season and displayed on your desk or mantel off season. Comes with a new Chelsea winding key.

This clock is an excellent timekeeper and chimes without a hitch. Survives cosmetically with only a few minor scratches on the interior clock ring and with a rich aged bronze patina. This excellent timekeeper is ready for years of maintenance-free use.