Vintage Friendship Sloop Model

Product Code: ARRE103
Shipping Weight: 13.00 lbs

Product Description


This high-quality working pond boat is a scaled down replica of a Friendship Sloop built shortly after the turn of the last century. Like the real 'Friendships,' she's a good sailor and very seaworthy. This handsome heirloom model was made by the boatbuilder Allan Vaitses Assoc. Harbor Road shop. The hull is constructed of fiberglass with original wood mast boom, bowsprit and spars, dacron sails, and displayed on a wooden stand. A fun pond boat model to sail or enjoy displayed in your nautical home! Measures 42 inches x 41 1/2 inches overall, and weighs 12 pounds. Comes with original paperwork and photographs of her being sailed in 1972.

"Friendship sloop builder Allan Vaites turns out fetching fiberglass "miniature" models with the same care for detail that marks his larger boat."

Bow view, Vintage Friendship Sloop Model

Stern view, Vintage Friendship Sloop Model

Rigging, Vintage Friendship Sloop Model

Vintage Friendship Sloop Model - makers label