Welch Model 2 WWII Naval Boat Compass

Welch Model 2 WWII Naval Boat Compass
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Welch Model 2 WWII naval boat compass. Circa 1940's Model 2 boat compass by W. M. Welch Co. Chicago Ill. Polished and lacquered copper housing with M. C. Co. (Marine Compass Co.) model compass. Gimbal compass is embossed around the rim "BOAT COMPASS, MARK 1, 20057, 1942, W. M. WELCH MFG. CO.,BU. SHIPS, 4 INCH." Hinged side door with slide latch opens to interior and mounting f0r light. Calibrating mounting instructions mounted inside removable dome cover lid. Measures 7 1/2" diameter, 9 1/4" high x 9 1/2" wide at base mounting screws. Like New condition. 

From the Capt. Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection