WWII Bridge Engine Order Telegraph & Engine Room Telegraph- Kurt Habicht, Baltimore, MD

Product Code: EDGR097098
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Product Description

A WWII era or earlier brass bridge engine order telegraph together with the engine room telegraph manufactured by Kurt Habicht, Baltimore, Maryland, and both instruments off the same ship. Double handled brass bridge telegraph that stands 41 1/2 inches tall. The white porcelain face with black letters states "KURT HABICHT CO, BALTO. M.D."  at the bottom and "AHEAD- FULL, HALF, SLOW, STANDBY AND STOP" "ASTERN-  FULL, HALF, SLOW. (in red letters) FINISHED WITH ENGINE." Reverse side matches the front. Single side light. telegraph mounted on to a mahogany molded wood base.

Engine room telegraph with 12 inch brass face and engraved commands and manufacturers name match the engine order telegraph. Also mounted on to a molded wood plaque for display.


From the Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection