WWII Era Insulated Sea Temp Thermometer

WWII Era Insulated Sea Temp Thermometer
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A rare, WWII era brass insulated sea temp underway water bottle and glass mercury thermometer with rubber base devised by Rudolf Fuess about the end of the Nineteenth Century. It was used notably by German vessels for determining the temperature of the sea below the surface. Measures 14 ½ inches tall and 5 inch diameter (at base).
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: https://photolib.noaa.gov/Collections/Voyage/History-of-Oceanography-Collection/The-Early-Instruments-Collections/Thermometers-and-Other-Equipment/emodule/1319/eitem/75441 
Thermometer, Sea Temp Underway rubber base, 14.5" high, 5" diam.