WWII era Ritchie of Boston Boxed Compass

Product Code: HEJO06
Shipping Weight: 22.00 lbs

Product Description


WWII era Ritchie of Boston compass mounted into a heavy brass box. Features a 6 inch glass drycard gimbaled compass with the outer brass ring engraved ‘BOSTON’, 47528’. The drycard is marked ‘RITCHIE BOSTON U.S.A.’ above the north point fleur-de-lis. The outer brass box measures 10 3/4 X 10 3/4 X 5 inches and has two slides on opposite sides for a fitted lid. Weighs 20 pounds.

CONDITION: Glass cover is a new replacement. Brass box is missing lid.

This item is from the Herb Jones Maritime Collection and was the personal property of the artist.