WWII era US Navy Alphabet Flag Locker from the Amphibious Rocket Ship LSMR-405

Product Code: ARRE397
Shipping Weight: 28.00 lbs

Product Description


An authentic WWII era US Navy alphabet flag locker from the amphibious rocket ship LSMR-405. This grey-painted metal locker is stenciled in black letters on both the front and top "LSMR-405, PART II, G8345-241-4820, 4845, ALPHABET FLAGS, S70 1/1. The locker exists today in good condition, but with expected wear and loss of paint around edges and some surface scratches. The locker measures 12 1/2 inches X 24 1/2 inches X 9 1/2 inches tall with bail handles on each end. Weighs 26 pounds.

This locker came to us as part of the Arthur Rebman Maritime Collection and still housed the original wool bunting alphabet flags, but some of the flags were rotted and beyond restoration. We have the surviving flags available for sale separately in various states of condition.