WWII Japanese Army Officers Shin-Gunto Sword and Scabbard

WWII Japanese Army Officers Shin-Gunto Sword and Scabbard
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Product Description

Original WWII Japanese Army Officers Shin-Gunto Sword and Scabbard, circa 1930. The sword is very sturdy and comes with an unmarked machine-grade blade surviving in mint condition. The blade measures 26 3/4 inches along its cutting edge, is not nicked, bent or tarnished and is quite sharp.The handle and metal mounts are gilted brass, are original to the sword and also remain in very good condition. The rayskin covered saya is covered in hand woven silk sageo, and is in good condition. Scabbard is original to the sword, is of the metal type, black-painted finish with bronzed metal fittings has numerous surface scratches, but otherwise in good shape. There are no signatures on the blade or handle or serial numbers on the blade, so we do not know who the sword maker is. A wonderful military relic!

HISTORY: Japan experienced a period of rising nationalism during the 1930's and army officers adopted a sword very similar to the Samurai tachi, called the shin-gunto. Most of these swords were fitted with machine-made blades, although much older blades were also attached to military hilts. Scabbards were made from either painted steel or leather.

This item is from the Herb Jones Maritime Collection and is from the personal property of the artist!