WWII Japanese Police Officers Dirk

WWII Japanese Police Officers Dirk
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Second World War period Japanese Police officers single-edge dirk with brass cross guard and hilt, wire bound leather grip, with polished steel blade in steel scabbard. Officer's name written on attached wood name plate. Dirk measures 17 inches in length.

CONDITION:Sharpened blade edge; some loss of brass wire on leather handle. Dent in center of steel scabbard, Losses to nickel-plated surface. Missing locket. Expected wear for a used WWII edged weapon.  

This dirk was the personal property of Captain William H. Hamilton, Jr. (now deceased). Captain Hamilton was the co-author of the book "Night Fighter: An Insider’s Story of Special Ops From Korea to SEAL Team 6" with Charles W. Sasser. The book recaps the author’s personal accounts, the “Father of the US Navy SEALs” tells his story of founding the most effective and feared fighting force ever conceived. It was gifted to him from his father, Admiral William H. Hamilton Sr.