WWII Sperry Gyro Pelorus with Lionel Compass

WWII Sperry Gyro Pelorus with Lionel Compass
Product Code: DATA03
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Product Description

A bronze WWII era Sperry Gyro Pelorus stand holding a weighted liquid-filled Lionel Corp. gimbaled compass. The brass manufacturers label attached to the side of the stand states "SPERRY GYRO COMPASS MANUFACTURED BY DODGE DIVISION OF CRYSLER CORP., PELORUS STAND, NO SF643241, SER C-14778" The brass outer compass ring is engraved stating: "712 13676 1942 THE LIONEL CORPORATION N.Y." The glass compass view measures 7 1/2 inches in diameter and the compass stand measures 13 inches in diameter and 53 inches tall. Weighs approx. 120 pounds.