XL Authentic Ship's Brass Porthole -- 24" glass

XL Authentic Ship's  Brass Porthole -- 24" glass
Product Code: EDGR261
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Product Description

Extremely large brass/ bronze ship's porthole, WWII or earlier. This massive relic of the sea measures 30 inches overall in diameter and retains the original 24 inch, one inch thick glass. Old, dark bronze metal patina. The porthole glass survives in remarkably good condition, with only a few surface scratches and one tiny blemish. A rare survivor in all accounts. Weighs an impressive 124 pounds! 

This one comes to us from the Edward Greenwood Maritime Collection and was once on display (during the 1980's) at the Maritime Museum located on the oceanfront, Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Now the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum).