17th Century Spanish Hardwood Chest

17th Century Spanish Hardwood Chest
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Superb small Spanish walnut and oak studded chest from the mid 17th century. Renaissance chest with a beautiful wrought iron lock and escutcheon plate.(enhancing the key lock). Survives in superb condition with a magnificent aged patina, original iron fittings and iron carrying handles. 
Measures 13 3/4 inches X 28 1/2 X 15 inches tall. 

PROVENANCE: The chest came from Spain and was brought to the Phillipines most probably during the Galleon Trade (From 1565 to 1815). It was obtained in the Ilocos Region of the Phillipines.
Ex collection: S.C. Vizcarra, 484 United Nations Ave., Ermita, Manila
Ex Collection: Edward L. Greenwood, Virginia Beach, Virginia on exhibit during the 1980's at the Virginia Beach Maritime Historical Museum.