19th Century British Sea Chest Seaman's Box

19th Century British Sea Chest Seaman's Box
Product Code: 21037
Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs

Product Description

This is a charming, authentic early to mid 19th century English seaman’s chest. Constructed of Six board (pine) with dovetailed and nailed construction and canted front side. Ideal for any coastal home for storage, decorative use or as a distinctive coffee table. Waxed, polished and ready for the home. A great maritime artifact.
CONDITION: The chest overall is in good condition, despite its obvious use at sea.  Retains it's original forged iron strap lid hinge, interior lock and keep(no key). It appears that the chest originally had an oval brass escutcheon plate on the front. Simple wood becket blocks on each end with replaced becket rope. The top has applied board on ends to keep the top from warping. One of the bottom skids is a replacement. Interior is now lined in a padded cloth (easily removable). 
Width:  37 inches
Depth:  13 inches
Height: 13 ½ inches