48 Inch Yacht Wheel Coffee Table ILDICO, SOUTH YARMOUTH

48 Inch Yacht Wheel Coffee Table ILDICO, SOUTH YARMOUTH
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Product Description

An exceptional nautical ship's wheel coffee table created years ago using a classic teak wheel from the yacht "ILDICO" of South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The Wheel was produced by well known Edson Marine International Manufacturing Co of Mass. with the wheel's barrel still attached (now wrapped in rope) and used as the table pedestal. The four-legged teak base was custom made to support the wheel and has a brass capped bolt on each end. The brass axle and end cap that holds the wheel is also original parts to the yacht. Also, the barrel can be unscrewed and the wheel could be used for wall display if desired. a new 48 inch glass top will be made to accompany the coffee table. The wheel measures 48 inches in diameter from from tip to tip, and the table stands 15 1/4 tall off the ground.

According to the previous owner, the wheel came off of the yacht "ILDICO" that his grandfather owned for sailing and racing in competition. He was an Admiral in the USCG during WWII and the Korean War. He had the wheel removed and made into a coffee table.