Antique Brass Italian Gimbal Compass

Antique Brass Italian Gimbal Compass
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Product Description

A 1930's, Italian made mariner's compass in gimbals mounted on a contemporary mahogany stand. The drycard compass is inscribed "R. FERLUGA, TRIESTE." The outer brass compass ring is engraved "CANZIO, 1133." Cast brass compass stand with gimbal ring, suspended on a pair of cast brass turned pedestals, screwed on to a shaped brass base. Weighs 9 pounds.  A handsome nautical instrument for exhibiting on a table, desk, bookcase or to display on any choice interior surface!

CONDITION: The compass was originally a liquid-filled, magnetic compass.  Now restored, the original white-painted bowl interior was buckled and removed as well as the old compass glass seal. The brass surfaces were polished and the total unit, is now mounted on to a mahogany base that measures 6 X 11 inches. The compass porthole window measures 4 3/4 inches in diameter. The total unit stands 5 inches tall. The compass survives in working order.