WWII Officer of the Watch Telescope, Ottway, London

WWII Officer of the Watch Telescope, Ottway, London
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A fine example of a WWII,  British made "Officer of the Watch" brass naval telescope. Single draw scope manufactured by "W. OTTWAY & CO. LTD., EALING, LONDON, 1942, NO. 3990 NP42, NP45." and "PATT. 373*" as engraved on the first tube. Most of the parts of the scope are marked with "3990" serial number and a British military broad arrow.  Fine adjustment +- 0 to 5. Extending sunshade on objective end. 1 ½ inch objective lens. Measures 23 1/4 inches long fully drawn including sunshade. 

CONDITION- This WWII British naval telescope survives in fully functioning condition with excellent, adjustable optics and smooth draw action. The original main tube cover leather cladding is missing, now exposing the tooled brass surface.