Antique Bronze "Bell Metal" U.S. NAVY Bell

Antique Bronze "Bell Metal" U.S. NAVY Bell
Product Code: 22104
Shipping Weight: 38.00 lbs

Product Description

An early US Navy “Foredeck” bell, complete with its original clapper, manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio by the ANCHOR BRASS & ALUMINM CO., #120, as embossed maker's casting mark states on the inside of the bell crown. The pair of ribbed bands at the top of the bell and at the mouth circling the crown suggests that this bell dates from the turn of the 20th Century or earlier. It is very heavy, with thick-wall construction. The hand engraved letters of U.S.N. mark is original. Bells of this design and age are rare!  
A new 7 inch bell rope is included.
CONDITION: The bell survives in good original condition with only a few light surface scratches. Retains a beautiful bright brass patina.The clapper with threaded bolt is original to the bell. The interior of the bell was at some point painted gold. The tone of the bell when rung amplifies a very loud, sharp and clear sound with full vibration, characteristic of authentic USN bells. 

Diameter at crown: 6 inches
Diameter at mouth 9 1/2 inches 
Height to crown 6 3/4 inches 
Height overall 10 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
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