Ashcroft Submarine Depth Gauge

Product Code: 19213
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description


Submarine feet depth gauge- (FT-SALT WATER) to 225 P.S.I. DATE TESTED with EQUIVALENT(IP.S.I. = 2.25 FT.) to 100. Measured in feet. Bronze housing  with white depth gauge face. Bezel screw removable top with clear glass facing. Made by ASHCROFT with company logo at bottom of depth gauge face. Thick cast-bronze housing with outer flange measuring 10 ¼ inches in diameter with the gauge face measuring 8 inches in diameter.  Mounted on to a mahogany plaque with molded edges and curved corners measuring 13 X 16 inches.

According to a previous owner, this submarine depth gauge was removed from a sub many years ago here in the Hampton Roads, Virginia region. Unfortunately, there's no provenance to an actual submarine that it was used.