John E. Hand & Sons Ships Binnacle With Kelvin & Wilfred O White Compass

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WWII era ship's binnacle produced by John E Hand & Son's with brass maker's plate mounted on pedestal front stating "John E. Hand & Son's Co., Nautical Instruments, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Haddonsville, N.J., U.S.A.. Type: R.S.N., No.L906."  Octagonal shaped pedestal produced with two hinged doors that open to compensating rod adjustments and one for access to the interior light. Completed with an upper brass mounting ring. A brass Flinder's bar is also attached to the back pedestal and two  brass arms are attached on sides with adjustable compensating spheres.(one appears to be a replacement) The 9 3/4 inch gimbaled drycard compass is made by Kelvin & Wilfred O White Co. of Boston and remains in good working order. The original interior pedestal compass light was replaced and rewired for safety and night vision. This binnacle came to us without a top hood compass cover. Height: 39 inches top diameter: 14 inches  compass diameter: 9 1/2 inches compass viewing glass: 7 1/2 inches