Authentic Plath Geomar Ship's Binnacle

Authentic Plath Geomar Ship's Binnacle
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Mid-20th century ship’s binnacle from Spain. Features a fine aged teak octagonal pedestal with brass maker’s plate mounted on the front stating: Plath Geomar, Fabricado Por Unilux S.L., Madrid. C. The lighted dry card gimbal magnetic compass was produced by Plath Hamburg with 8.75" diameter glass view and 0 to 360 degree outer fixed dial. The glass tube inclinometer mounted on the binnacle front is in working order, but the degrees of angle is. Mounted on the back is the brass flinder’s bar with weights for magnetic field compensation. Heavy cast brass side brackets hold the adjustable painted (green and red) iron compensating quadrantal spheres “navigator's balls". The removable brass helmet cover retains an old darkened patina with the glass viewing portal window still intact. Side burner well on the starboard side, but does not have the original light. A truly fine ship’s binnacle surviving in good condition.

Height overall: 61.5"
Maximum width including brass side brackets: 33.5"