Maple Battle Rattle, 19th century

Maple Battle Rattle, 19th century
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A single clacker battle rattle composed of maple with walnut handle and nailed construction. Measures 10 inches in length. Late 19th century - early 20th century. Survives in good working order. Wonderful old aged wood patina.

Battle rattles were made of oak or some other hardwood and when turned or spun on the handle made a loud repetitive clacking sound. The unique sound was a call to General Quarters for all members of the crew. There were two models or types of battle rattle, a large two-handled one affixed to and located on the main deck and smaller ones used by individual sailors designated to sound the alarm. Battle rattles were used by most of the worlds navies, but predominantly today are ones found that were used by the British and American navies during the 19th century. They were also used by British and American armies during the World Wars to warn of gas attacks and by the light house service as a warning or calling out to distant people.