Brass "90 degree" Bulkhead Light (new)

Brass "90 degree" Bulkhead Light (new)
Product Code: HS-BL864
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs


Product Description


These are newly made, high quality cast brass 90 degree bulkhead (passageway) lights designed after those used on board ships from an earlier era. Features a brass screw-bezel cage and clear glass cover. Measures 4" wide, 10 1/4" long with 5" projection.

DESIGNER INSIGHT: Fixtures like these are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We personally like these fixtures to be used in bathrooms, hallways and closets. They can also be used as a light for your finely fitted yacht. They are a better match in an interior setting to associate with brushed steel fixtures than a brass example. Always a great light in a nautical design but also in contemporary or warehouse conversions!

We recommend the use of LED light bulbs for all enclosed light fixtures like his one.The LED, or light-emitting diode, is essentially a miniature light source encased in a plastic lens. LED's produce light when electrons inside the diode, excited by the flow of current, release energy in the form of light photons. LED lighting is ultra-compact and dramatically more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs up to 85% more efficient and over 10% more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's). And, because LED bulbs are based on solid-state lighting technology that emits light from a chip, they produce minimal heat and there is no filament to burn out, as with incandescent bulbs. Nor do they contain mercury and other toxic material.