Brass Gimbaled Parlor Light by E. Miller & Co.

Brass Gimbaled Parlor Light by E. Miller & Co.
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Late 19th/early 20th century American ship’s cabin lantern (bulkhead mounted or tabletop) manufactured by E. Miller & C0., Meriden, Connecticut. The wick adjustment knob is stamped "E. MILLER & CO., MADE IN THE U.S.A.". This all brass salon lamp consists of a bulbous font with a weighted base and brass screw cap for fuel refill. The burner is a “pop-up” type that allows the burner to tilt for wick replacement. The lamps are mounted in their brass gimbal bracket and fit into their circular bracket. The lamp with chimney is 16 inches tall and extends 7 ¼ inches from the bulkhead. Comes with its original 5 5/8 inch smoke bell. Weighs 4 pounds. 

Edward Miller & Co. (1844-1924) was formed in Meriden, Connecticut. 

From the Capt. Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection