Set of Three Double Stack 'SEAHORSE' Navigation Lights From the British Ship "WARRIOR"

Set of Three Double Stack 'SEAHORSE' Navigation Lights From the British Ship "WARRIOR"
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Set of three double stack copper navigation lights off of a British bulk carrier ship "WARRIOR," including the port, starboard and bow lights. Manufactured in Great Britain by "SEAHORSE." Removable red (port) and green (starboard) interior colored glass lens. Side mounting plates on the masthead light. The light interior is reached through the back (2) bezel screw portal plates.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 23 inches X 10 inch corners.

CONDITION: These early ship's lights are in good condition with sone surface dents and expected wear. Retains a wonderful original patinate surface. The lights still have the old electric light fixtures and wiring, but can be removed and replaced (for an additional cost).

HISTORY: Bocock and Wilkinson, George Bocock & Co., Ltd., trade name "SEAHORSE." Bocock and Wilkinson was founded in 1890 in Birmingham, England and located at 123 GT. Hampton Street. They started manufacturing ship lights in 1900. In 1909, they moved to Mott Street, and later the companies name changed to Bocock & Son., probably due to Wilkinson leaving the company. Around the 1930's, the name changed again to George Bocock and Co., Ltd. They are known by their trademark, "SEAHORSE,"

From the Capt. Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection