Custom Made Brass Porthole Nautical Table

Custom Made Brass Porthole Nautical Table
Product Code: EDGR158
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Product Description

An authentic WWII Liberty Ship all brass porthole, repurposed into a nautical side table. Porthole with a single hinge and two lock-down bolts (dogs). The original thick glass measures 16 inches in diameter and the porthole itself measures 22 inches in diameter overall. Custom made metal base with squared legs and block feet.  X-stretcher for additional support and bolted to the porthole top. Base painted black. The table measures 26 inches tall (to the top porthole glass rim) and 22 inches in diameter.  A few minor scratches on the glass. Dark bronze patina.

A round piece of glass or wood could be cut and used to sit on the X-stretcher to create a lower shelf!