Early 20th Century Marine Anchor Lantern

Early 20th Century Marine Anchor Lantern
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An authentic, early 20th century galvanized metal and brass marine boat anchor lantern. Features a brass chimney cap and top ring, hoisting rings and a removable, bayonet twist, all brass fuel housing. The burner advance knob is embossed "P & A MFG.CO., WATERBURY CONN." Iron wire lens guards. Thick, clear glass Fresnel lens has a frosted skim on the outer surface created by years of seafaring use.  One small interior fracure is located inside the bottom ring. The galvanized body survives in good condition, retaining a soft pewter grey patina. Stands 9 inches tall, exclusive of the bail handle and 4 3/4 inches in diameter. A nice example of an early 20th century American anchoring lantern!