Large Copper Anchor Lantern, Eli Griffiths & Sons, Ltd. Meteorite

Large Copper Anchor Lantern, Eli Griffiths & Sons, Ltd. Meteorite
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Product Description

A late 19th/ early 20th century copper anchor ship's marine Lantern manufactured by Eli Griffiths & Sons, Ltd. Birmingham. The oval makers tag states: "ELI GRIFFITHS & SONS, LTD. BIRMINGHAM,  with the number "S1107" in the center." A second tag located below the makers states "METEORITE 51017." A banner tag located on the lantern chimney states: "ANCHOR." Features a thick, clear glass Fresnel lens, 4  heavy brass lens protective bars, hinged top with chimney lid and bail swing handle opens to access the lantern interior. A second bail swing handle is located on the bottom half of the lantern. Hinged clasp to fasten down the chimney lid. Stands 22 inches tall and 9 3/4 inches in diameter. Weighs 18 pounds!

CONDITION: This early ship's light survives retaining a wonderful old bronzed patinate surface. Some of the protective bars were refitted do to worn mounting holes. Some surface dents and surface wear. The thick glass Fresnel lens survives in good condition, with only a few rim chips. Missing interior burner,