WWII, U.S. Navy Lattice Frame Sextant David White Co Milwaukee, WI

WWII, U.S. Navy Lattice Frame Sextant David White Co Milwaukee, WI
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A WWII, U.S. Navy lattice frame sextant David White Co., Milwaukee, WI.. Engraved on the sextant arm in white letters:"U.S. NAVY BU. NAV, MARK II, N/3735- 1941, DAVID WHITE CO., MILWAUKEE, WIS." An oval brass plate on the front of the storage box states:"DAVID
WHITE COMPANY, MANUFACTURERS OF WHITE IMPROVED SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS AND ENGINEERS FIELD SUPPLIES, MILWAUKEE." Constructed in black anondized steel, the arc divided in degress from -5 to +145 and the arm with fine degree adjuster and spring clamp, A drum micrometer,the teeth of which mesh with teeth cut into the edge of the limb. reads to 1 minute and, with vernier, to 6 seconds of arc. Two sun filters, adjustable scope lens, on three brass feet with a mahogany handle. In a fitted mahogany square box with brass handle, catch and hinge. The dovetailed box measures 11 1/4 x 11¼ in. X 5 1/2 inches. 
CONDITION: The sextant survives in working order. The two sun filters are whole but slightly corroded. Expected wear from wartime use.

 For an identical example, visit the National Museum of American History at: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/nmah_1273238

From the Francis J. Trainor Maritime Collection