Sculler Line Throwing Gun

Sculler Line Throwing Gun
Product Code: SHFE01
Shipping Weight: 200.00 lbs

Product Description


A World War II era iron line throwing gun on carriage. The brass maker's plaque engraved "Sculler Safety Corp. No.2175, 122 Broad Street NYC". Same information emboseed in raised letters on iron carriage. Measures 34 1/2" overall in length x 12" wide. MFG. Sculler / Safety Corp. 122 broad St NY USA cast into the carriage. GHM- 2175 and SCULLER stamped into the end of barrel. 2 1/2 inch bore, 28 inch barrel and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Composed of Steel and brass.

This line throwing gun was removed in the early 1980's from the deck of a U.S. Naval ship from the James River ghost fleet. Also pictured below is a line throwing cannon on display at the North Caolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort NC.

CONDITION: The line gun was recently restored and re-painted. We could not get the barrel to move in height adjustment, so it is frozen at the lowest angle. We do believe though that the barrel could be once again made functional.

HISTORY: Line throwing cannon (Lyle gun) fires a 18 pound projectile over 700 yards. They used these cannons to fire a line over the ship that was breaking up close to shore. They would then pull a larger line from the ship to shore and secure it for rescue operations. Line throwing cannons were replaced in the 1950's with rockets. Line throwing cannons were also used for ship to ship.

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