Sperry Gyro-Compass Repeater Ship's Compass

Sperry Gyro-Compass Repeater Ship's Compass
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Gyro-Compass Repeater Ship's Compass made of solid brass/bronze. The glass-covered face reads "The Sperry Gyroscope Co. London, New York, Tokyo, Mark XV Mod. O Gyro" & "Compass Repeater Patented Mar.4, 1919". The cast brass/bronze base is engraved on top: "MKXXVI, MOD-0 SER.1113. Original brass tripod stand with swivel yolk. Eight inch dial and outside ring divided 0-360°, on heavy cast-brass gimbal. Stands 51" tall and has an outer compass diameter of 9 3/4".  This Sperry Gyro Compass Repeater is in good condition and has a polished brass patina. Currently displayed mounted on a pine wood base that measures 23" X 23". NOT A FUNCTIONING INSTRUMENT!

The instrument breaks down into three parts including the gyro-repeater, mounting yolk and three legs for UPS shipping!

Repeater Compasses receive and indicate the true direction transmitted electrically from the Master Compass. Used for navigation on steel hull vessels to determine 'true north', steer and find positions and record courses. Gyro-compasses are unaffected by the steel parts of a ship. They were adopted by the US Navy and widely used beginning in WWI.