"U.S. Gunboat Scorpion in the Battle of Cedar Point, 1814" original oil painting Peter Rindlisbacher

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Oil on canvas measuring 18" X 24" Gold leaf frame measuring 23 1/2" X 29 1/2"

In the Chesapeake, gunboat flotilla's first foray into battle in June of 1814, where a British schooner and enemy barges were discovered near the mouth of the Potomac River. Shortly after engaging them, the weather became "squally" and the winds changed against them. The greatest concern was the HMS 'Dragon', a British ship-of-the-line sighted to the south and heading towards them. As depicted in this painting, Commander Joshua Barney ordered his squadron to turn North towards the Patuxent River while facing British cannon and rocket fire. His flagship, the 'SCORPION' was later sunk to avoid capture.

This painting was recently exhibited with 5 other nationally renowned marine artists’ works at the N.M.H.S. Awards Dinner held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

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