USSR Russian Soviet Navy Marine Submarine/Ship's Clock

USSR Russian Soviet Navy Marine Submarine/Ship's Clock
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Product Description

Vintage Russian navy marine ship's clock in good running order. This is an 8 day, time only movement with second hand. Fast/slow adjustment hand at top of the clock. Submarine Clock with enameled grey case, off-white painted clock face with black hands and Arabic numerals. Second hand painted red.  Manufacturers #4304 and date of 3-74 (1974) is engraved into the top of the clock casing and again on the enclosed paper instructions. Comes with the original winding key and printed instructions (in Russian). Clock is mounted on to the original wood bulkhead plate. Winding key also unlatches the hinged clock door with catch on the right side of the clock case. Excellent condition with only a few surface scratches. A finger latch located at the top of the clock is for removing the clock from the wood bulkhead mounting plate.
Base: 8.5″
Face Diameter: 5.5″
Weight: 7 lbs.