Vintage Japanese brass shipyard plaque: IHI ISHIKAWAJIMA- HARIMA INDUSTRIES

Vintage Japanese brass shipyard plaque: IHI ISHIKAWAJIMA- HARIMA INDUSTRIES
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This vintage Japanese shipyard plaque is cast with heavy, solid brass and reads:

  • IHI (logo in center)
  • It is made of the highest quality heavy cast brass, measuring 19 3/4 inches round and weighs 29 pounds!

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    Reverse View


  • 1853 - establishment of Ishikawajima Shipyard
  • 1889 - incorporation of Ishikawajima Shipyard as Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 1907 - establishment of Harima Dock Co., Ltd.
  • 1929 - spinoff of Harima's automobile section as Ishikawajima Automotive Works (later Isuzu through a series of mergers)
  • 1960 - establishment of Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. through a merger of Ishikawajima and Harima
  • IHI and Sumitomo Heavy Industries merged a warship business in 1995 and established Marine United Ltd. The Uraga Dock Company was the origin in the shipbuilding of Sumitomo Heavy Industries. It was made by Enomoto Takeaki. However, Sumitomo Heavy Industries moved Uraga Dock to Yokosuka in 2003. IHI moved a shipbuilding section to Marine United in 2002 and changed name to IHI Marine United Ltd. IHI Marine United became the subsidiary of IHI in 2006.
  • 2007 - name changed to IHI Corporation

    Tokyo II factory, Ishikawajima-Harima

  • Murasame (DD-101), Murasame class destroyer
  • Samidare (DD-106), Murasame class
  • Akebono (DD-108), Murasame class
  • Hiei (DDH-142), Haruna class destroyer
  • Tokiwa (AOE-423), Towada class
  • Asagiri (DD-151), Asagiri class destroyer
  • Amagiri (DD-154), Asagiri class
  • Umigiri (DD-158), Asagiri class
  • Sawayuki (DD-125), Hatsuyuki class destroyer
  • Isoyuki (DD-127), Hatsuyuki class
  • Matsuyuki (DD-130), Hatsuyuki class
  • Shirane (DDH-143), Shirane class destroyer
  • Kurama (DDH-144), Shirane class
  • IHI Marine United Yokohama Shipyard

  • JDS Chōkai (DDG-176), Kongō class destroyer
  • Makinami (DD-112), Takanami class destroyer
  • Suzunami (DD-114), Takanami class
  • Hyūga (DDH-181), Hyūga class helicopter destroyer
  • Ise (DDH-182), Hyūga class
  • Uraga factory, IHI Marine United

  • Takanami (DD-110), Takanami class
  • Yudachi (DD-103), Murasame class
  • Tenryu (ATS-4203)
  • Asuka (ASE-6102)
  • Civilian

  • SSTH Ocean Arrow