WWII Lionel U.S. Navy Bu. Ships Boxed Compass

WWII Lionel U.S. Navy Bu. Ships Boxed Compass
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WWII Lifeboat compass in original mahogany box. The outer brass rim of the compass states: "U.S. NAVY BU. SHIPS, 4-INCH BOAT COMPASS, MARK 1 N, 12051, 1942,THE LIONEL CORPORATION, N.Y." Liquid-filled compass with white face and black numbers,  The compass card is marked in 10-degree increments from 1 to 35. Four inch glass viewing portal. Black painted gimbal ring (marked 12051) and exterior compass body. Original storage-display box with lid. Brass compass gimbal ring mount inside box. Box measures 8 inches X 8 inches X 6 1/2 inches tall. CONDITION: Color wear to the white painted compass face. A small amount of liquid missing, but still functions well. Weight 6 lbs. 6 oz..

From the Francis J. Trainor Maritime Collection